Facebook Tweaks Application Navigation, News Feed

As Facebook migrates all users to the redesigned site this week, it is still tweaking the design of several pages and navigational elements updated in the redesign.

Tonight, Facebook pushed a few changes to the overall navigation of the site, including changes that affect the ways applications can be reached:

1. The Applications menu, accessible from the header, now only contains a user’s top 8 “Bookmarked” applications. Previously, it contained a) Bookmarked applications, b) Recently Used applications, and c) A scrollable list of all applications a user had authorized.

2. Applications can no longer be “Bookmarked” from the Applications menu while using the application. Previously, users could add apps to their Bookmarks list using the Applications menu in the header. Now, applications can only apparently be “Bookmarked” by selecting and dragging apps to the top of the list in either the Applications > Edit All Applications page, or after clicking “More” in the Applications list in the right rail of the home page.

3. The “Bookmarks” section in the right rail of the home page has been renamed “Applications,” and it now contains 6 “bookmarked” applications instead of 8.

4. “Home” has been added to the header navigation, and “Profile” has returned as the label of your profile in the header’s main menu. Previously your name (i.e. “Justin Smith”) was the label of this tab. Facebook added a second link to the profile page in the right side of the header which is actually labeled with your name, and added full height highlights in the header menu.

Finally, Facebook pushed a couple small tweaks to the News Feed tonight:

1. The “Top Stories” default News Feed filter on the home page has been renamed “News Feed.”

2. The first three “News Feed” stories are no longer always Status Updates, as they have been for the last couple of weeks. (Update: it appears this was only temporary; three Status Updates still sit at the top of the feed.)