Facebook Turns On Wall Post Commenting

Facebook has released a new feature in the feed that should allow more conversations to happen in the stream and on profile page walls: now, users can comment on wall posts both from themselves and others.

As you can see below, wall post commenting behaves identically to status commenting. When a comment is posted, users receive both an email notification and a Facebook notification by default.

This is a helpful feature, because there are many instances in which commenting on a wall post makes sense. First, it eliminates the need to start a separate dialogue, and second, Facebook has decreased some of the social pressure associated with starting a dialogue with another user whom you may not know well. Facebook is still building features to create a more social and engaging site. Status commenting has become a uqibuitous part of the News Feed, and its highly probable that Wall Post commenting will become equally important.

This feature is in the process of being rolled out to all networks, so look for it soon if you can’t see it already. Also, we’ll likely see this implemented on the Facebook Mobile site in the near future.