Facebook Turns On New About Pages for Applications – Now With Streams

As indicated last week, Facebook turned on new application about pages with the launch of the new application directory this morning. Now, the new about pages look and feel like public profile pages with just a couple extra elements to let visitors add the app and see how many users the app has. Here’s how it looks:

Now, app developers can now send status updates and post other content to their app profile page stream that will show up in fans’ home page streams. It’s a new and interesting way for developers to keep their users engaged by posting interesting content.

However, becoming a fan of an application is a separate action from authorizing it when users want to engage with the app. Some developers may not want to send users outside the application canvas page to the about page just to get them to become a fan of the application.

Nevertheless, it’s another small step toward Facebook’s long term vision of communication happening through the stream. Facebook is incentivizing becoming a fan of all pages, not just application pages, by providing such prominent real estate to updates in the stream.

Some applications will have the challenge of figuring out what to do with separate pages that they (or fans) had established for the app. Just yesterday, Inside Facebook detailed two applications with independent pages with over a million fans. We imagine Facebook might be willing to merge these fans into the app about page to consolidate administration at same point in the near future.