Facebook Turns On Instant Notification Popup Alerts

In an effort to make interaction on Facebook more real-time no matter where users are on the site, Facebook today turned on a new feature called “immediate notifications.” Now, when users receive a notification from Facebook or any Facebook application, a small popup window will appear in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

The feature means applications should get higher click-through rates across the board. However, the new popups should be the biggest boon for developers of multiplayer Facebook games, especially turn-based games. Now, players will get notified much more prominently that action is required of them to continue the game.

However, no action is necessarily required by the recipient with the new popup notifications. If the recipient does nothing, the popup window will go away in a few seconds. Users will also be able to hide notifications of this type/application as usual.

In general, it’s another step from Facebook and the Facebook Platform team to make Facebook a more synchronous experience. A couple of months ago, Facebook released a new Chat invitation API giving applications a new Chat-based viral channel. Those implementations are performing well so far.