Facebook Turns 5, Show them the Money!

Today, Facebook is celebrating its fifth year of existence, and perhaps dominance in the social networking arena. With over 150 million registered members worldwide, this means that there were 30 millions users are adding up to Facebook membership base every year. This is certainly a lot considering that Facebook has only been around for five years.

The 150 million members are indeed overwhelming, but that is not good for a business point of view. Despite the growing number of members, and getting enough eyeballs, page views and site Facebook still couldn’t find the best way of maximizing site traffic and user interest to the site.

And since Facebook would not be around today if not for the many members who uses Facebook every single moment of the day. So it is but fitting for Facebook to give something to their loyal users. But since it will involve money, Facebook instead decided to release “Thank you” cards which members can send to their Facebook contacts.

Now, this might be too small for a gift to Facebook users, but it is something that might be fully appreciated by your recipients.

The Facebook Gift Application can be activated using this link.

Incidentally, if you’re curious to know how Facebook evolve from its current iteration, here are screenshots of Facebook pages starting 2004 up to now.