Facebook, Turner Teaming Up Again for Live Integrations During NBA All Star Game, Obama’s Address

Last November, CNN and Facebook partnered to create a very successful Facebook Connect integration on CNN.com/Live during President Obama’s inauguration. Now, Facebook and CNN parent Turner Broadcasting are partnering again to create similar Facebook Connect integrations for the NBA All-Star Game this weekend and President Obama’s national address (not officially a State of the Union address) next week.

NBA All Star Game / TNT Integration

The NBA All Star Game integration works very similarly to the CNN inauguration integration. Facebook users can authenticate through Facebook Connect and publish status updates directly from TNT’s website while watching live.

CNN.com Live Integration During Obama’s Address to the Nation

Similarly, during President Obama’s address to the nation next Tuesday, February 24, CNN.com/Live will allow users to watch Obama’s address and share status updates through Facebook Connect just like on inauguration day.

These integrations are great examples of the way Facebook Connect can help media companies increase audience engagement during live broadcasts. Publishing status updates through Facebook Connect gives audiences a powerful opportunity to share content and events they’re passionate about with hundreds of friends.