Facebook tries new tactics to get users to invite friends to events

Facebook is testing different ways to encourage users to share events with their friends, including suggested invites and prompts to post about the event.

“Events are more fun with your friends,” says a dialog that appears after users click the “join” button to RSVP. In this dialog, some users are seeing an option to invite specific friends, whereas others get a share module to post the event to their Timeline and friends’ News Feeds. These features could lead more users to engage with Facebook Events and discover things to do.

Facebook began to make a new push with events last year when it began recommending upcoming events directly in users’ feeds. Events are suggested based on pages a user Likes or whether a user’s friends are attending.

Events are a longstanding feature of Facebook that continues to be used by many people and pages, but they still aren’t very representative of what users plan to do or have done. Many people are invited to and RSVP to a number of events that they don’t go to. People also attend many events and gatherings that don’t have a corresponding Facebook Event, or that do but which users were unaware of.

Facebook aims to provide the online equivalent for all the people, places, things and interactions in the world. Events and how people spend their time are an important component where the social network is currently lacking. Facebook streamlined the event creation flow a year ago, but it doesn’t offer a way to create events directly from the homepage or Timeline so users aren’t reminded to use the feature for smaller events or casual get-togethers. A mobile calendar app might provide a solution if Facebook continues its strategy of building standalone apps, such as Camera, Messenger and a possible location-sharing application. There might also be a way to integrate this feature into a location app, if the app allows users to not only share where they are, but where they plan to be.

Top image via AllFacebook