Travel Sites Put Over 1.5 Billion Facebook Places On Map

The holiday season is a vital time of year for the travel industry; here's how three leaders in this space are using Facebook Connect to help drive their businesses.

The holiday season is a vital time of year for the travel industry, and continuing improvements to Facebook’s Open Graph are ramping up business for sites like TripAdvisor, Airbnb, and Gogobot.


  • Since TripAdvisor launched its Facebook integration, 57 million users have personalized their planning via the social network, and 1.5 billion Facebook places pins have been placed by TripAdvisor users.
  • In terms of page views per session, TripAdvisor users on Facebook are 27 percent more engaged than average TripAdvisor users.
  • Users connecting to TripAdvisor via Facebook were twice as likely to contribute content as those who connected via other means.


  • Since launching its Social Connections service via Login with Facebook in May, community marketplace Airbnb saw the number of users skyrocket from 16 million to more than 32 million in four weeks and to 123 million currently.
  • Hosts who connected via their Facebook accounts were 45 percent more likely to have active listings, and they received 28 percent more requests on those listings.
  • On the flip side, guests who connected via Facebook averaged 85 percent more bookings and were 10 percent more likely to leave reviews for their hosts.


  • Social travel site Gogobot launched its travel guides in July, allowing users to share photos, reviews, and other details about hotels, restaurants, and other destinations in a scrapbook format, as well as to integrate their activities from social media sites like Facebook and foursquare.
  • 85 percent of Gogobot users are connected via Facebook, and they:
  • Log in 45 percent more often; and
  • Are 40 percent more likely to write reviews, and write 60 percent more of them than non-Facebook users.
  • 28 percent of new sign-ups every month are the result of Facebook-connected users inviting their friends.

Readers: Have you used TripAdvisor, Airbnb, Gogobot, or any other Facebook-connected online travel destination?