Facebook Traffic Surges in November

Compete.com has just released their November statistics and the results are impressive. Facebook has grown over 20 percent during the past month. One interesting thing that can be derived from these statistics is an increase in overall engagement. Facebook was able to engage more than 50 percent of their user base last month as they typically do and that is the most important thing for any website.

Myspace hasn’t been able to surpass their June numbers and experienced modest user growth last month. In less then one year, Facebook has gone from approximately one sixth the size of Myspace to half their size. Erick Schonfeld suggests that this is a result of Beacon. According to Jay Meattle of Compete.com, Facebook Beacon was used by 2.3 million users last month.

That’s pretty impressive considering the anti-Beacon Facebook group had less than 100,000 users (less than 5% of the total). Whatever the case, Facebook is still growing regardless of Beacon and they are growing faster than MySpace. Facebook should continue this trend for the next 12 months during which time they will surpass MySpace in size and traffic. Facebook is rapidly becoming (and will become) the social network of choice in this country, period.

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