Facebook Tracks Trends With Lexicon Service

In the next hour, a post will be going up to the Facebook blog announcing a brand new service that tracks the words used in wall posts to determine what’s popular. This is similar to the Google Trends service which tracks all queries made by users on the popular search engine. The new service enables users to “query as many as five strings of a single word or two-word combinations.” Want to figure out how popular something is on Facebook? Now you can with the new lexicon feature.

The walls from groups, events and profiles will be included in the Lexicon. Wall posts have been tracked since September 8th, 2007. If you’d like to use the tool, go check out the Facebook lexicon. Overtime, Facebook is going to “consider adding additional sources of public and semi-public data on Facebook.” This new tool enables Facebook to flex their data pooling muscles thanks to the massive amounts of data currently displayed on their service.

Currently the service does not search through the inbox, chat messages or invite messages. It will be interesting to play around with the data to see what are the most popular things discussed on Facebook. I would guess birthdays are the most popular wall post and “get well soon.” Have you found any interesting data after playing with the new Facebook lexicon service?