Facebook Tops the Slowest Social Networks

Watchmouse released a report earlier today listing the overall performance of the top social networks on the web. Among the top ranked sites were Orkut, MeetUp, Tagged.com, Jaiku and Pownce. Unfortunately Facebook ranked as the absolute worst performance among all social networks. I’m not quite sure what standards were used for this test but this is definitely something that Facebook shouldn’t be aiming to be the worst at.

As Caroline McCarthy points out, somehow Twitter managed to perform well overall despite the massive amount of downtime attributed to the site. I’m a little bit skeptical of the standards used. According to the Watchmouse article, the measurement is generated based on how fast the homepage loads and a penalty is assigned for each failed request. It appears as though there were too many failed requests during the trials.

Have you been experiencing much downtime on Facebook? I know that I have been experiencing an increasing amount but it is nowhere near the level that Myspace experienced during their site’s hay-day. The poor performance may have to do with the fact that the test is conducted by a number of computers worldwide. This report mentions nothing of domestic versus international performance. Whatever the case, this is definitely a horrible showing by Facebook.

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