Facebook Named #1 All Time Free App in the iPhone App Store, Elements Going Open Source

Facebook for iPhone continues to grow in popularity, adding about 1 million active users per month. Now, with nearly 7 million monthly active users users, the iPhone alone now represents nearly 25% of Facebook’s 30 million active mobile users worldwide.

In addition, the Facebook for iPhone app was also recently recognized by Apple as the #1 All Time Free App in the iPhone app store. It’s the first time since last December that Apple updated its all-time iPhone app leaderboards – then, Facebook for iPhone was named the 2nd most downloaded free app in the app store.

Meanwhile, Facebook’s Joe Hewitt, lead developer of Facebook for iPhone, has begun releasing various elements of the Facebook for iPhone application to the open source community through the Three20 project. While Hewitt says the code is “alpha” quality, iPhone app developers can find elements like Facebook’s photo viewer, message composer, and more on Github.

As a side note, Facebook also recently released version 2.3 of Facebook for iPhone. It’s a minor maintenance release, with several bug fixes and new German localization support.

Facebook’s Blackberry application sports about 5 million monthly active users. The company operates mobile sites at m.facebook.com (the standard mobile interface) x.facebook.com (the advanced mobile interface) as well.