Facebook To Yahoo: Eat Our Dust!

The latest statistics from analytics firm Compete.com confirms that Facebook has indeed surpassed Yahoo! as the second largest domestic website. While Alexa data suggested that Facebook surpassed Yahoo! on a global level long ago, Nielsen data released yesterday suggests that Yahoo! still has more unique visitors when considering all properties beyond Yahoo.com.

The trend is pretty clear however: Facebook is dominating the web and is on track to be larger than Google, the leading internet brand today. While the domestic unique visitors may have just surpassed Yahoo!, the total amount of time spent on Facebook was already far greater than any other internet brand. When it comes to the attention economy, Facebook is the real giant and as Compete analyst Aaron Prebluda suggests, this is the most important metric when it comes to “the ongoing battle for those coveted big brand dollars”.

While some brand managers have suggested that engagement ads may not be the solution they are looking for, the largest global advertiser, Procter & Gamble, continues to be bullish on Facebook. You can view Compete’s latest chart of unique visitors in the graph below:

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