Facebook to Steal Print Ad Dollars as Branding Platform

Yeah, yeah, we all know that print is dying – and that Facebook is helping it along. Well, that process is likely to gain momentum next year. While online marketing has traditionally been a conversion game, it looks as though businesses are getting ready to approach the web with a more open mind.

Next year, look for advertisers to divert money from print to Facebook, Business Insider reports. The article cites Barclays analyst Douglas Anmuth, who issued a research note this morning after meeting with several search engine marketers. He says that the advertisers are “likely to ramp spending.”

The money for all these Facebook ads will come from print. Interestingly, Business Insider writes, “Advertisers do not see Facebook as a good place for landing clicks, so the ad dollars won’t flow from Google to Facebook.” There will be room for both online ad giants to coexist, but print will continue to suffer.

With expectations that the social media platform will reach 600 million active users next year, Facebook advertising is garnering even more attention than mobile advertising. As a result, Facebook is poised to add to the $2 billion in sales it generated this year.

With the pressure to deliver clicks and sales alleviated, it should be easier for Facebook to close ad deals in 2011, which may accelerate the company’s revenue growth. As a brand play, especially when combined with company pages and groups, Facebook advertising can provide a powerful opportunity.