Facebook to remove attribution when pages post via third-party apps

Facebook today let developers know that it will be removing attribution from page posts that are made through third-party applications like HootSuite.

Previously, these page posts would appear in the feed and on pages’ Timelines with a “via [app name]” link. Facebook told developers in its PMD group that starting today this type of attribution will be eliminated for page posts. User posts will still include the “via” links.

There have been ongoing doubts among marketers whether posting to Facebook via third-party apps has an effect on News Feed distribution and engagement. Studies have found conflicting results. Facebook says it does not penalize pages that make posts from third-party publishing tools, but it’s unclear whether the subtle note about where a post is coming from has an effect on how users respond to it.

Either way, some page owners have chosen not to use these tools as a result. With Facebook now eliminating the language completely, developers may see more adoption of their page publishing solutions. Others, however, might have liked getting the attribution since it included links to their app and might have contributed to brand recognition.

Thanks to Wisemetrics for the tip.