Facebook to Launch Profile Clean-Up Tool

facebook clean-upSo many Facebook applications, so little time. Soon you’ll be able to reduce your eyestrain as Facebook plans to launch a “profile clean-up” tool. Besides, no one wants another MySpace, right?Now applications will have to up their game: only a user’s favorite 12 applications will be displayed. It will be survival of the fittest, as users will have to be more discriminating about what they want to share.

Applications over “your 12” won’t completely disappear. Folks can still access your complete battery by clicking on the “Show Extended Profile” link at the bottom of your profile.

I think the average user will be happy with this tool. It should make for a more pleasing user-experience. However, app creators are hardly rejoicing in the streets. Many of these developers live and breath by being able to spread their wares virally.

Similar to the “Windows Desktop Cleanup Wizard” that Microsoft users are accustomed to, the tool will assist users in removing apps from their page.

Current data suggests that over 60 million active Facebook users have installed an average of 13 apps each, totaling 800 million apps.

The consensus seems to say: good for users, bad for developers. What do YOU think?