Facebook to increase profile picture size for pages

Facebook will increase the size of profile pictures on all business and fan pages on Thursday, according to an email the company sent to page owners.

The new profile picture will appear as 160×160 pixels and will sit 23 pixels from the left and 210 pixels from the top of the page. This will not affect pages that use distinct images for their profile picture and cover photo, but pages that incorporate the profile picture into the cover photo — as seen in the example below — should be aware that the change could affect their designs.

Pages’ profile pictures will now be presented as the same size as users’ profile photos. Previously, pages’ profile pictures appeared as 125×125 pixels, though some pages noticed Facebook testing the new size earlier this month. The confusing thing about profile pictures on the site is that the uploaded image must be a minimum of 180×180 pixels, then Facebook resizes the image on users’ screens.

We’ve provided a visualization of the new specs below. According to Facebook, the change will go into affect sometime on Thursday.