Facebook to give developers alerts about changes to platform and app status

Facebook today announced Developer Alerts, a way to notify developers about important changes to the platform and the status of their apps.

For example, Facebook will communicate breaking changes to developers through these alerts, which are delivered via email and Facebook notifications. Developers will get an alert 90 days before a change goes into effect and see reminders at 60 days, 30 days and the day of. If developers complete the necessary migration before the deadline, they will no longer receive alerts about it.

The change is part of Operation Developer Love, an ongoing effort to improve relations with developers through better communications, documentation and new features. Developers have been able to get weekly updates and view resources on the the developer blog. There have also been improvements to the app dashboard. With the new alerts, though, developers are more likely to see the information they need in a more timely manner without having to seek it out themselves.

It also seems Facebook is making an effort to give developers more warning when their apps are not compliant with platform policies, giving them time to respond before enforcement action is taken. For example, if an app does not include a privacy policy, the developer will see an alert reminding them to add one before the app is forced into sandbox mode. This could reduce the chances that developers will be caught off guard by Facebook’s actions and ensure better user experience by having compliant apps. When an issue is resolved, developers will receive a confirmation alert, which should be useful for apps that have more than one developer.

Facebook says it will also send alerts to notify developers when their Open Graph actions are approved, when the status of their App Center detail pages changes or other similar things occur. However, the company notes that most developers won’t receive alerts very often.

Developer Alerts will begin rolling out today and will be available for all apps over the next few weeks.