Facebook to give all groups file-sharing capabilities

Facebook is expanding its group file sharing features to give all groups the ability share files between members, we’ve confirmed with a spokesperson.

Last month, the social network gave school-specific groups this functionality but it did not share that it would make the feature available widely until Mashable reported the news today. According to the Facebook Help Center, there will be a “Files” tab at the top of a group page and an “upload file” icon in the publisher. Users can share presentations, schedules, documents and other files with a group. Mashable says this excludes music files to avoid copyright infringement issues.

Documents within a group can be public or available to members-only based on the original privacy setting of the group. Public groups cannot make individual files members-only without making the entire group “closed” or “private.”

Previously, users could create and co-edit “docs” within groups, but these could not be printed or exported to other word processors. The new files feature does not allow online editing, but users can download files, make edits and upload a new version. When users upload a revised version of a file, the previous version of the file remains available.

Facebook acquired file-sharing company Drop.io in 2010, but we’ve learned this project was completely independent of that. Drop.io founder Sam Lessin was most recently involved with the Timeline redesign and organ donation initiative, according to his Facebook profile.

File-sharing will begin to roll out to all groups, regardless of size, today.

Image credit: Mashable