Facebook To Drive Pothole Repairs In Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio officials are setting up a Facebook fan page to record citizens' reports of the state of the city's roads.

Springtime in the northeast U.S. means the snow is drying, the birds are singing – – and the streets are a mess of potholes. In Columbus, Ohio, city officials are building a page on Facebook that will encourage citizens to report the state of the city’s roads.

“As we step up our efforts to repair our streets, I also want to expand the options for residents who see potholes that need to be filled,” Columbus Mayor Michael B. Coleman told NBC. “So if you see a pothole anywhere on a Columbus city street, we want to know about it as soon as possible.”
Repeated searches on Facebook suggest that Columbus officials have yet to create any sort of municipal services page on the social network. However, the city has also set up a regular telephone hotline for reporting the potholes.
But whether you plan to phone, tweet, or Facebook your reports, they ask you to please not file that report while you drive. That might prove tricky given how people might not remember the exact location of a pothole after they finish driving — actually, this is an argument for carpooling with at least one passenger who has a cell phone.
Readers, what do you think of Columbus, Ohio’s plan to elicit citizen reports via Facebook?