Facebook to Cross 5,000 Applications Today

Just over four months ago the platform launched. Later today, the total number of applications on the platform will surpass 5,000. As of right now, the number sits at 4,999. One question that many have been asking is whether or not a useful Facebook application will ever reside on Facebook. While I think there will be useful applications, I don’t see enterprises deciding to leverage Facebook applications anytime soon. Yes, even I, a self proclaimed Facebook evangelist, do not think there will be enterprise Facebook applications.

Currently, there are no enterprise applications and I have a feeling large companies are going to hold off on integrating with any social platforms. Instead they are going to use the new social layer that Google plans on releasing or whomever decides to compete with Google for what I have been calling the “social backbone.” This is not to say that the Facebook application market is not growing. Approximately 5 weeks ago (the 3-month anniversary of the platform), there were around 3,270 applications. Since then it has grown by approximately 53 percent.

With all the buzz about Facebook being a fad there is definite growth in the market, but as I previously mentioned, that may change once Facebook has some competition. Whatever the future may hold, Facebook applications are still a big thing. The only question is how long they will remain big. Do you foresee a downturn in Facebook application development?