Facebook to Acquire iLike and Flixster?

Dare Obasanjo has written a post suggesting that Facebook should acquire iLike and Flixster. His argument that iLike and Flixster hold valuable data that Facebook would love access to in order to exploit via their Social Ads system makes sense. Dare also suggests that iLike and Flixster are doing horrible jobs of making user actions monetizable.

While in theory, this make a lot of sense, the real problem is in the numbers. Both iLike and Flixster are looking to exit somewhere in the hundreds of millions of dollars range. Given that Facebook has around half a billion dollars in cash, it would be feasible to acquire these companies but is it worth investing close to 50% of their available cash? With the addition of some valuable Facebook shares, the numbers could begin to make sense. Additionally, given Facebook’s recent move into music and movies via their new pages system, it makes even more sense for an acquisition to take place.

Eric Eldon suggested that iLike could be sitting on a web music empire. The only problem is Facebook’s decision to eliminate the majority of the 170,000 artist pages automatically created by iLike. Their rationale? Only brand owners can create pages. From this standpoint, it would make a lot of sense for Facebook to acquire these two companies. Both entities hold a massive amount of data about bands and movies, both of which Facebook is looking to promote. Only time will tell how this all pans out. Do you think Facebook would acquire Flixster or iLike?