Is Facebook's Timeline Teasing You Or Your Friends?

Facebook is displaying reminders of events in your friends' pasts.

A reader sent us the screenshot to the right, showing a Facebook reminder about a friend’s past work experience.

We see this reminder as something possibly generated by timeline, which encourages users to input major life events from the past.

If the reminder does come from timeline content, well, that would jibe with the ongoing efforts to improve the forthcoming profile upgrade before a live beta test, which has been postponed by a week.

But this item is also reminiscent of Facebook’s ongoing tests of modules that remind people of their friends’ past status updates.

These once ironically named “Most Memorable Status Updates” have most recently appeared on the site labeled “On This Day In” followed by a year, and continue to surface status updates that haven’t garnered the most engagement.

Facebook has been testing variations on the memorable status update theme for almost a year. In hindsight these tests might all have had some connection with the ongoing development of timeline during this time.

Readers, have you seen any posts on your home page reminding you about any of your friends’ past life events?

Many thanks to Kevin Evanetski for sending us the first screenshot.