VOTE: Facebook's Timeline And Your Privacy Settings

We're curious to know how you feel about your privacy settings after timeline kicked in.

Tinker with timeline and you can’t help noticing that your privacy defaults seem as if they’ve changed even if you haven’t touched them — the cumulative effect of many changes to the site all coming together.

Facebook moved a lot of the privacy settings to reside next to where you share new content on the site, and this happened several months before most people gained access to the timeline.

But the advanced profile makes the changed locations of the privacy settings seem like newer changes as well. For instance: every time you edit anything on your timeline, a story goes out to the news feeds depending on how much visibility you’ve designated for the content. While this is really no different from what happened when you edited things in your profile before timeline, the greater quantity of content in timelines makes it look like a change in the privacy settings as well.

So we’re curious to know how you feel about your privacy settings with timeline in place. Let us know what your experience has been: participate in the poll below, and explain more in the comments section beneath this post. Come back later to see how others are voting.