4 Facebook Timeline Features You Should Learn Now

Here are four features you might still be learning about on timeline.

Welcomed by more positive reviews than the typical site upgrade gets, Facebook’s new timeline profile makes it feel as though Christmas came early to its over 800 million active users.

Tucked away into Facebook’s timeline profile design are various submenus that all unlock hidden treasures.

These features, although not the shining stars of the new design upgrade, are worth noting and raving about, too.

Check out these four features you’ve probably yet to fully discover, but most likely will love.

Activity Log

This feature is only visible to the profile owner and makes it easier to find content for publishing or hiding on the timeline.

Facebook lets you feature old posts on timeline, or to even delete them. For most of my posts dating back to ’08, let’s just say I chose the latter.

View As

Although it became available before timeline, “view as” has gained a lot more meaning and relevance with the newest profile.

To the right of the activity log button, there’s an arrow icon that you can click on for a small drop-down menu, and “view as” is the first thing listed in the pull-down.

This feature allows users to view their timeline as if they were one of their friends, subscribers or the public. Long gone are the days you have to log in to another person’s profile — or worse create a fake account, which violates Facebook’s rules — to view your own profile to confirm that your privacy settings are indeed correct.

Life Events

Facebook’s little red heart symbolizing a new relationship is familiar to all; what isn’t so familiar yet is the briefcase, house, apple and flag, all of which appear within pull-down menu that comes from clicking on that book icon labeled “life events.” It’s above the status update field, to the right of the link for tagging a place.

Whether you lost 10 pounds before the new year or you gained a furry roommate, Facebook’s life events serve as profile mementos to all your life’s past milestones, occasions or incidents — happy or sad.

Like scrapbooking, this feature most likely won’t become a huge overnight trend, but it is fun for reminiscers and date-loggers such as myself.


Maps is Facebook’s new feature which allows users to see in map view all the places they’ve previously checked into through places. Visually, the map is undeniably cool, but whatmakes it stand out is the ability to backlog the places you have been, as well as easily and quickly tag existing photos with locations.

Readers, what have you discovered about timeline so far?

Guest writer Chelsea Hejny is lead blogger at ShortStack.