Facebook Timeline Features You Haven't Heard About Yet

Here are some nifty tools for administering a timeline page.

The Facebook news feed is kind of like that favorite supermarket you shop at where you can get everything you need in one place. By contrast, the activity log on a timeline page is like mission control.

To view your own mission control, click “admin panel” in the upper right of your timeline-enabled fan page. Then click “manage,” followed by “use activity log.”

Here’s where you’ll see nifty administration features that you might not have heard about yet

New Spam Filter

The algorithm Facebook uses to determine what is spam on your fan page still needs a lot of work.

In the past, brands had to search for posts that were buried or hidden as spam in order to bring them back to life. Now, you can use the activity log feature to view all the spam in one place.

Then, you’ll likely find yourself clicking the “not spam” link on at least one post; conversely, you might have to do the converse when you’re looking at recent comments by fans that aren’t yet marked as spam.

Comment Management

Facebook is adding a lot of self-help tools into the fan page activity log, including a new comment moderation window located to the right of the field where you post status updates, milestones, questions, photos and videos.

Scroll below that point and you have the ability to view all wall comments organized by page posts, posts by others, or just highlights.

The option to change your view in this fashion appears at the top center of the page if you scroll down to the cover image or any point lower. A box labeled highlights has a dropdown menu accessible from an arrow pointing down.

Closer Third Party Integration

One of the most exciting things for page administrators is a much more friendly interface to control how third parties post to your page.

Using the activity option, pictured above, you can control who each third party app can share with. This can range from public to custom list settings. Additionally, you can control where the activity generated from that app appears on the timeline.

Your turn: Have you played with your page’s activity log yet — what about on a timeline profile?