Facebook Is Testing a New Way for Users to Connect With Their Elected Officials

Content is determined by highest engagement, not political affiliation

Facebook is testing a new way to perform its civic duty, as some users are seeing “This Week in Your Government” posts in their News Feeds, featuring recent posts from their local elected officials.

The social network said users in the test group will see the This Week in Your Government posts once per week, and only if they follow at least one of their local, state or federal representatives.

Facebook added that it uses location information from its civic engagement features, such as Town Hall, as well as other features, saying that users who prepared for the recent elections with Facebook’s vote planner or submitted their addresses to its Town Hall to find their local representatives’ pages will see their local representatives, while users who did not do so will see content from state and federal representatives.

A spokesperson for the social network said in an email to Social Pro Daily, “We are testing a new civic engagement feature that shows people on Facebook the top posts from their elected officials. Our goal is to give people a simple way to learn about what’s happening at all levels of their government.”

A Facebook spokesperson also told Kurt Wagner of Recode that content included in the This Week in Your Government posts is determined by highest engagement, and not by users’ political affiliations.

Image of politician courtesy of acrylik/iStock. Screenshot of This Week in Your Government courtesy of Kurt Wagner, Recode.