Facebook And Social Platforms Give Control Back To The People

First Facebook and then a number of other sites were being blocked by Iran. It isn’t exactly an atypical action by a regime who has done so before on a number of instances. This time something was different though. Twitter became the unlikely hero of a large group of individuals who were calling for a vote recount and regardless of the outcome were furthering a movement. What’s becoming increasingly clear is the widespread impact that social technology is having on the world.

For the first time it feels as though we are part of something greater and that the people finally do have control. It’s an empowering feeling and as social technologists continue to iterate on their platforms, democracy is becoming a fact of life for regimes which previously ruled with an iron fist. Even within this country we are witnessing a transparency movement and we can thank the internet with the help of social technology for making this possible.

Today the news surrounding Iran continues and as numerous Twitter users attempt using a potentially flawed model for confusing Iranian censors, it’s exciting to watch this historic moment which is be fueled in part by social technology. This is still only the beginning but what’s taking place right now can be described as nothing short of revolutionary (it may literally become a revolution if things get worse in Iran).

One thing that’s also becoming clear is that networks need to be decentralized if the people are going to have full control. If Twitter goes down, it could literally stop what may evolve into a revolution. According to CNN the State Department is now advising Twitter to avoid any downtime which was originally scheduled for yesterday evening. CNN states that “sites like Twitter and Facebook, are providing the United States with critical information in the face of a crackdown on journalists by Iranian authorities.”

While we are still watching the situation in Iran play out it’s clear that this is the just one phase in a much greater movement that is being driven by social technology. We’ll continue to learn and continue to iterate until eventually the people truly do have the power. Facebook and other platforms are all playing a role.

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