Facebook the New Art Gallery

Every artist needs a medium, be it paint, music or rock, all great works need something to work with. This is no different in the digital age. The LA Times is reporting an interesting story about a Facebook application called Graffiti (I am pretty sure you have heard of it).

Graffiti recently held a online competition through Facebook that allowed artist to use its application to create works of art. Not all the art was static either. Some participants decided to use Graffiti’s ‘replay’ function that allowed them to save their work as it was being created so anyone could watch the creative process.

The competition yielded around 150 finalist with work that ranges from the truly beautiful to the amazingly thought provoking. I am simply amazed by the level of talent that this competition was able to attract. The creators of Graffiti should be proud of the repsonse they were able to generate and the artist should be equally as proud.

The competition focused on creating pieces that illustrated the importance of conservation and protecting nature. It is an interesting contrast to see something completely digital (the art) represent the protection of the purely natural.

I would love to see more artistic competitions and projects begin to emerge on Facebook. If any of you know of any other artistic competitions; be it poetry, music or whatever, let me know. This is by far my favorite entry, it practically screams digital green. What’s your favorite?