Gratitude And Turkey Jokes Gobble U.S. Facebook Posts

Thanksgiving already dominates U.S. posts on Facebook.

U.S. Facebook users are wishing each other happy Thanksgiving one day before the holiday actually begins; we suspect they’re having a slow day at work.

The most common U.S. status updates and discussions concern what people are most grateful for, along with a fair number of holiday wishes to members of the U.S. military.

Going up less frequently but likely to increase in virality: humorous images of turkeys. We couldn’t resist sharing some of these pictures with you at the bottom of this post.

But before we get to that, it’s worth pointing out to marketers that anything referencing Thanksgiving shows up more prominently in the news feed due to the way Facebook groups items with the same keywords. It’s not to late to post a holiday message about your brand.

In the meantime, readers, let us know in the comments section which of the pictures below is your favorite; and by all means post any images we might have missed.