Facebook tests pinned posts for groups

Facebook has begun testing an update for Facebook groups which allows admins to pin posts to the top of the group feed.

Much like on a page’s Timeline, pinning a post can be done by navigating a drop down menu in the top right hand corner of a post. It is possible for group admins to pin multiple posts, unlike on Timeline where there can only be one post pinned to the top. It is unclear how long a pinned post stays at the top of the feed or if it needs to be manually unpinned. Pinned posts do not seem to carry over to mobile.

The update will be useful as it will enable group admins to make sure all members see a post when they visit the group page. For example, an admin might want to pin the group rules, a post with time sensitive information or a post with a good thread of conversation. However, pinning a post does not seem to work like Promoted Posts in that it does not improve the post’s reach or prominence in users’ News Feeds.

Facebook confirms that pinned posts for groups are in testing, but the company did not share any more details about the feature.

The Facebook groups product has seen recent updates in the past few months including Dropbox integration and the ability for users to see which members have seen a post and when they saw it. Admins may decide to unpin a post once they’ve seen that all members have viewed it.

Screenshot via Social Marketers, a private industry group for social marketing professionals.

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