Facebook tests ‘Pages Feed’ so fans can see all updates in separate stream

Some Facebook users are seeing a separate “Pages Feed” where they can view all the updates from pages they Like in a single stream.

This seems to be another move by Facebook to help users see more posts from pages they’re interested in. As activity from users and pages increases, there is more competition for what makes it into News Feed. Facebook is regularly adjusting its algorithms to determine the best mix of content for each user. In the process, some users have complained that they’re missing posts they care about and many page owners feel as though Facebook is sabotaging their marketing efforts.

The Pages Feed test, along with news this week that users will soon be able to opt into receiving notifications when a page they Like makes a post, show that Facebook is looking for ways to help fans see page updates they care about without overwhelming their News Feed with every bit of activity from friends and businesses.

Users who are part of the test group can access Pages Feed via a link in the bookmarks sidebar on the left-hand side of Facebook.com, along with the Like Pages link. Having the feature does not seem to eliminate all page posts from the main feed. News Feed will likely continue to show top posts and sponsored content, but Pages Feed may serve as an unfiltered stream of page activity.

Facebook said in a statement, “We’re always testing new features, but have nothing further to share right now.”

Years ago, users could filter News Feed several different ways, including seeing a pages-only feed. This was an option in 2009 and 2010, but seems to have been removed at some point last year. Facebook continues to offer a separate Games Feed.

[Update: Commenter Liam Daly points out that users can directly access Page Feed with this link.]

Thank you to Lisa D. Jenkins for the tip and screenshots.

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