Facebook tests another Timeline layout with elements from new and old designs

profileAlthough Facebook publicly announced a new Timeline layout last week with posts in a single column on the right and customizable modules to the left, some users are seeing another design, which is more of a hybrid of the new and old Timeline.

Blink VP Planning and Media Eti Suruzon says her profile was updated Wednesday, but it doesn’t look like the version Facebook has launched to others. The cover photo design and navigation bar beneath it are the same as what the social network debuted last week, but the posts continue to appear in a two-column layout as they were previously.


Facebook confirms that this is an intentional test. Some users disliked the two-column design that required them to look back and forth to see their posts, however the layout is more like a timeline, which was Facebook’s intent with the profile when it relaunched in 2011. In October 2012, Facebook began testing versions that kept posts in a single column and put all other modules to the other side. It seems the company has still not decided which UI is better in terms of user engagement and sentiment.

For reference, this is what Suruzon’s profile looks like to another user who has access to the version of Timeline that Facebook announced last week: