Facebook Testing Time Scheduling for Ads, Full Dayparting Coming Soon

While Facebook has always allowed performance advertisers to schedule campaigns by day, advertisers have not had control over scheduling and delivery at more granular levels. This has created problems for advertisers in a couple of different ways:

  1. Advertisers can only start campaigns at midnight, which may not make sense given specific campaign related events.
  2. For international advertisers, starting at midnight US time might mean starting in the middle of the day in many other countries.

However, last week Facebook started testing a new time-scheduling feature that will allow advertisers to specify the specific start and end times of advertising campaigns down to 5 minute increments. While it’s not full traditional dayparting, it is at least a start.

Full Dayparting Coming Soon

When will more fully featured dayparting (a restaurant may want to schedule ad campaigns to run from 10am-12pm during weekdays, for example) be available? A Facebook spokesperson tells us Facebook is definitely working on it and it’s on the roadmap for the “next few months,” but a specific timetable has not yet been announced.

Full dayparting will increase the power of Facebook Ads significantly, as advertisers will be able to reach Facebook users during the times of day that are most effective given their product or service. Combined with Social Ads (a feature that allows advertisers to include a brief message about friends’ interaction with the ad next to the ad creative), many advertisers could see significant increases in conversation rates.

Thanks to Dave Kerpen at theKbuzz for the tip.

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