Facebook Testing New Homepage That Removes "Most Recent" View

An extremely small segment of users has been shown alternative version of the Facebook homepage which eliminates the “Most Recent” view from the news feed. Currently the company is soliciting feedback from users about the new version of the feed, however it appears many users aren’t happy. As a search for “news feed most recent” displays below, most of the users seeing the new feed don’t appear to be too happy.

While the test is among a small group of people, Facebook is constantly looking for a way to simplify features on the site. As Mark Zuckerberg said at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California last night, the more options that you give someone, the more likely they won’t use them. However for those users who are actively using the feature, they tend to be attached to the feature.

The result is status updates like the ones embedded below. People are absolutely passionate about the smallest features on the site. Whether or not Facebook will decide to kill off “Recent Stories” is unknown. Ultimately it makes sense to have an unfiltered feed, however as any active Twitter user knows, at a certain point the unfiltered feed becomes overwhelming.

My guess is that Facebook finds some middle ground under which the link to view the “Recent”/unfiltered feed is relegated to a less prominent position. For now, Facebook continues to test new versions of the feed.

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