Facebook Terminates Its Conversion Tracking Tool for Performance Ads

Facebook has concluded the private beta of its conversion tracking tool for performance ads. A small set of advertisers had a chance to try the product which allowed them to track actions such as page views, purchases, registrations, downloads and more taken on a website after a user saw or clicked a Facebook ad. Facebook says that “We are no longer going to offer our conversion tracking beta product. While we learned a lot from the beta, our focus is not on building a full featured conversion tracking tool.”

A range of third parties provide analytics tools for advertising, Page features, applications, and more. Facebook is apparently leaving this business to them.

The Help Center document for the tool is still available, as is the Conversion Tracking Getting Started Guide. These explain how users could assign a conversion value and SKU to tracking tags and paste them into their site’s code. Users could then monitor conversion data including time between clicks or views and subsequent conversions using the Ads Manager’s Reports section.

Without the tool, though, advertisers must calculate their own ROI, or use one of many third party tools. Though some hoped Facebook would extend the conversion tracking tool to all advertisers, instead Facebook asserts it will “continue to invest in tools that help marketers better understand the effectiveness of ads that are social and include social context from friends.”

Facebook followed up saying, “We recently launched social metrics in our Ads Manager as a way of doing just that” along with Facebook Ads for Applications to help social games and other apps raise CTRs by including the names of friends who’ve recently used the advertised app. However, analytics and ad units don’t replace the conversion tracking functionality.