Facebook Begins Targeting Families

Facebook appears to have it out for the developers of large family applications on Facebook. The company has created a new landing page where users can create groups specifically targeted to their family. While there is nothing unique about the end product, what is unique is the way in which Facebook is promoting the creation of new groups that are private only to family members.

Facebook has become an increasingly popular destination for families as I’ve written about a few times. The We’re related application has become one of the most popular applications on Facebook although over the past couple weeks it has appeared to suffer a slight decrease in popularity.

In terms of daily active users, the application has dropped from over 1.2 million daily active users to approximately 770,000 users. While that could have been partially due to the Facebook redesign, I’m guessing that there are other factors involved. What’s not clear is why Facebook is promoting groups for families when it’s clear that there are applications that have been built for this purpose.

One potential reason is that storing information about family networks is extremely valuable and Facebook would like to keep that data private. Facebook also is clearly using this as a way to drive new user registrations. As there has been a surge in new user registration among mothers, Facebook would like to expand that to be the entire family.

I can’t tell you how many friends of mine have complained about their mothers registering in the past couple weeks. Personally, I’m fine with having my mother on there but for younger individuals, keeping in touch with your parents on Facebook may not be perceived as “cool”. If you are interested in seeing Facebook’s family promotion, go check out the extended family group invite page.

Do you have many of your family members on the site? Do you think Facebook is a good place for families? Do you think this was a direct attack on the leading family applications?

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