Facebook Taking Major Policy Actions on App Developers Today

Facebook has made a big sweep on developers violating Platform policies today, suspending a few popular applications as well as many smaller ones. Many of the applications that have gone missing were quiz applications, and Facebook has confirmed to us that it has suspended MyCalendar, Collect Smiles, and Best Friends, among others.

In the past, Facebook has suspended applications large and small for violating Platform policies, including user privacy. While Facebook didn’t say specifically why any of the applications were suspended today, they’re all most likely due to either violations of Facebook’s privacy rules or creating misleading user experiences. A couple of weeks ago, Facebook also prohibited Facebook Platform ad networks from showing user data in any ads.

We spoke with Facebook’s platform policy head Paul Jeffries this afternoon, who said, “We take enforcement of the platform policies very seriously, and we don’t hesitate to take enforcement action when it’s warranted. We’re committed to maintaining the platform ecosystem that supports the developer at large and supports the user experience.”

Like in other app suspension cases, we expect the developers involved will want to work with Facebook to make the appropriate changes to their applications in order to be allowed back on the Platform. That will likely involve less aggressive use of viral channels and more straightforward claims inside the user experience.

All in all, Facebook is continuing to try to keep the worst apps from gaining too much traction on the Platform. We expect to see similar actions whenever apps that are breaking the rules cause enough headaches for Facebook in the future.