Facebook Takes the Lead

According to recent comscore statistics, social networks worldwide have experienced continued growth. That growth has translated into a substantial increase in traffic for Facebook who it appears has succeeded in surpassing MySpace to become the largest global social network on the web. Peter Kafka has pointed out the new statistics and provides the chart featured below.

Just one year ago, MySpace was a whopping five times the size of Facebook. Facebook had yet to launch their platform and MySpace must have figured they were sitting pretty. It appears that Facebook has been rewarded with massive growth and it has also been supported with a substantial amount of press. Practically every day over the past year we have heard news about Facebook. This blog’s existence emphasizes how popular the social networking site has become.

While the charts show slowing growth for Facebook, the site is projected to continue their growth for the next year. While all may not go according to plan, Facebook has rapidly grown up to become the leading social network on the web. It will be interesting to see if any of the other social networks can duplicate the success of the now social networking behemoth.