Facebook Takes Out $100 Million Loan for Server Farms

In an effort to fund the build-out of its server infrastructure around the world, Facebook has secured a $100 million loan from Menlo Park’s TriplePoint Capital, BusinessWeek’s Spencer Ante reports. The funding comes in the form of a loan, and no equity is involved. The company has raised over $360 million in venture capital in the last year – $240 million from ad partner Microsoft, and $120 million from Chinese billionaire Li Ka-Shing.

While Facebook’s 10,000 servers may seem small by comparison to Google’s and Microsoft’s hundreds of thousands, the company spent $11.5 million during the first quarter alone with server vendor Rackable Systems, representing 17% of Rackable’s total revenue. It recently hired VP of Technical Operations Jonathan Heiliger from Opsware to manage its data center operations, and has been heavily expanding its data centers around the country.

As of May 2008, Facebook reported 70 million active users, roughly double the number of a year ago.

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