7 Killer Apps For Building Custom Tabs On Facebook

Here's a comparison of the prices, functionality and usability of the top tools for adding miniature applications to the left-hand column on Facebook pages, from guest writer Lynn Marie Hope, who runs HostFB.

With such a great variety of Facebook page applications out there, it’s become even harder to find a suitable application that matches your business or personal goals.

Here’s a look at seven popular tools for adding miniature applications, or tabs, to pages on the social network.

Static HTML


1. Go to the Static FBML application.
2. Click the blue box labeled “Add Static HTML to a Page”
3. Choose the page the app to be added to and click “Add Static HTML: iframe tabs”
4. Once done, you will be taken to your Fan Page. Find new tab marked with a star, and click on it
5. Input content into fan and non-fan view using regular text or custom HTML (preferred)


– Recognizes HTML/CSS/Java Script and highlights the tags
– It’s good for pre-made coded templates


– Doesn’t host images, styles, media files (you’ll need to host supplementary files at your place)
– Requires HTML/CSS knowledge




It took me few minutes to play around with the app and understand how it works. This is a nice freebie as long as you are pro in HTML/CSS or have a pre-made template. Is useless for a beginner.



1. Go to TabFusion‘s page and