Report: You Can Thank Facebook For Getting Syphilis

Facebook has been blamed for a variety of things including carbon emissions, jealousy and even murder, and now a report says that the social networking site is tied to a rise in cases of the sexually-transmitted disease syphillis, at least in parts of Britain. A public health director there says that incidents of the virus have increased by as much as four times, and that young women seem to be especially affected.

The reason for this? Apparently because social networking sites make it easier to meet people and facilitate multiple casual sex partners. Now does that make any sense to you? Sounds to me like there are a lot of bored youth and clueless health experts. Don’t they know there are these meeting places called pubs, bars and nightclubs — some known as “meat markets” — that also facilitate casual sex? Had these infected souls met at such places, would these experts say “Nightclubs tied to rise in sexual infections?”

Do you think this is a legitimate deduction of a hundred or so incidents, give how large the Facebook user base is? Have you become a victim of casual Facebook sex encounters, resulting in STDs? I’m guessing that these women reporting to health authorities aren’t meeting up the with young men that prefer Facebook over having sex.