Facebook Surpasses 677 Million Users – More Traffic Trends and Data at Inside Facebook Gold, May 2011 Edition

Facebook hit 677 million users worldwide in the month of April, increasing its total monthly audience by just over 2%. Growth rates came in just below March numbers, with markets in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa contributing the greatest number of new users. Facebook saw slower growth – and even some losses – in Europe and North America.

The full breakdown of growth by country and demographic, including 12-month historicals and projections, is available in this month’s edition of Inside Facebook Gold.

Inside Facebook Gold is Inside Network’s data service providing monthly data on Facebook’s growth outlook through a comprehensive data feed service and growth report.

The May 2011 edition of Inside Facebook Gold includes:

  • Global Data Feed Service, a comprehensive data CSV supplying vital stats on Facebook’s audience size, demographic distribution, advertising business, and global language distribution.
  • Facebook Global Monitor, 100 pages of leaderboards and charts covering audience change in 160 Facebook country markets.

Inside Facebook Gold is a data service designed for analysts seeking to understand and maximize opportunities in the Facebook ecosystem, and presents data on key indicators ranging from the site’s traffic growth to its advertising business and its robust applications platform.

Download the May 2011 data suite at Inside Facebook Gold.