Facebook Surpasses 350 Million Users And Prepares To Roll Out New Privacy Settings

This evening Mark Zuckerberg posted about the company surpassing the 350 million user threshold, less than one month after we reported on the company crossing the 325 million mark. It’s a substantial milestone for the company and at this rate there’s a chance that they could easily surpass 375 million by the end of the year. Regardless of the ongoing growth, more significant changes to the Facebook system lie ahead.

The first of which is the rolling out of the new privacy system which the company first showed off to reporters back in July. In addition to a new privacy system, Facebook continues to test their new homepage with users, something we’ve received multiple emails about. As these changes move forward, users will no doubt go through a significant adjustment phase, however Facebook is focused on refining the system toward a perfect user experience.

While the user experience will be changing, the biggest announcement is about Facebook’s new user base which continues to expand dramatically. Some analytics sources show the company attracting over 400 million unique visitors a month, however not all of those are necessarily registered users. Maintaining a platform which supports the largest user base of any social platform in the world take a significant amount of effort.

However Facebook continues to improve their technologies to manage this remarkable growth and is continuing to hire employees, surpassing 1,000 employees the last time we checked. As the changes roll out over the coming weeks, we will keep users up to date about how to manage their Facebook accounts most effectively as each change can often generate a substantial amount of confusion.

With 350 million users, there’s a good chance that most of your friends are already on the site. Do you have any friends that don’t use Facebook?

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