How To Put A Facebook Subscribe Widget On Your Site

Facebook has yet to release a plugin that websites can install to ask for subscribers to Facebook profiles. Here's how to create your own, using the social network's badge creator.

Facebook has yet to release a plugin that websites can install to ask for subscribers to Facebook profiles. Here’s how to create your own, using the social network’s badge creator.

Whether you use it in addition to a page or as an alternative to one, Facebook’s subscribe feature can help you amass a sizeable audience for your public status updates.

The more subscribers your profile gets, the more you emerge as a thought leader, and the greater your ability to drive traffic gets. So here’s how to create a subscribe badge.

4 Steps to Creating a Subscribe Badge

1. If you don’t already have a subscribe button on your profile, visit the about page for this feature and click “allow subscribers.”

2. Type “notes” in the search field at the top of the site, and choose the application entitled “my notes.” On the landing page click on “write a note.” On the ensuing page, write in the title a call for action to appear in your badge. For example:

  • Click this badge to visit my profile and subscribe to my public updates.
  • To receive my public Facebook updates in your news feed, click here and then click the button labeled “subscribe.”

You can repeat that text in the body of the note. Then click the blue button labeled “publish” to

3. Click here to go to the profile badge creator on Facebook. Then click on the button labeled “create a new badge.”

Select a layout that fits your website, and check the Items boxes to include your profile picture, name, and latest notes, and then save your badge.

Your badge will now display the title of your latest note, so if you publish any new, unrelated notes you’ll need to delete the old note asking for subscribers, then post a new one and redo steps three and four to update your badge.

4. Click the preview button, and then click the “other” button.

Copy the badge’s HTML code and paste it into your website’s code wherever you want the subscribe badge to appear. Save the page and upload it.

You’ll now have a profile badge that displays a call to action to subscribe to your updates. When viewers click the badge, they’ll land on our Facebook profile where they can click the subscribe button. Soon you’ll grow a base of subscribers who can follow your posts.

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