How to Create a Facebook Subscribe Widget for Your Website

Last month Facebook launched the Subscribe feature that lets users select to receive the public updates of people they’re not friends with, similar to following someone on Twitter. However, Facebook has not released an official Subscribe widget or badge that users can be install on a website to ask visitors to Subscribe to them.

Here we’ll walk-through how to use Facebook’s existing profile badge creator and its ability to display the name of your latest Facebook Note to make a Subscribe widget. You can add this badge to any website to help you gain more subscribers and get more impressions and clicks on your updates.

The Subscribe feature is a powerful way for individuals on Facebook to gain a massive audience for their content. Rather than creating a Facebook Page and trying to get fans, you can collect subscribers who will see in their news feed any updates you set the privacy visibility of to Public.

By gaining more subscribers  you can become a thought leader and drive traffic to any link of your choice. However, right now the only way to ask people to Subscribe to you is to share the URL of your Facebook Profile. Facebook may release an official Subscribe badge or widget in the future that lets users instantly Subscribe without visiting your profile, but until then, you can use our unofficial method to create one.

4 Steps to Creating a Subscribe Badge

1.  Visit the Subscribe about page and click “Allow Subscribers” to activate the Subscribe feature to add a Subscribe button to your profile.

2.  Go to the Notes app and select to “Write a Note”. Title the Note with the text you want to have appear as a call to action in your Subscribe badge. For example “Click this badge to visit my profile and subscribe to my public updates” or “To receive my public Facebook updates in your news feed, click here and then click ‘Subscribe'”.

3.  Visit the Facebook Profile Badge creator and click “Edit this badge”. Select the layout that fits your website, and check the Items boxes to include your profile pic, name, and latest notes, and then save your badge. Your badge will now display the title of your latest Note, so if you publish any new unrelated Notes you’ll need to republish a Note with a call to Subscribe as its title.

4.  While viewing the preview of your badge click the “Other” button and copy the badge’s HTML code. Paste this code into your website’s code to begin displaying your Subscribe badge.

You’ll now have a profile badge that displays a call to action to Subscribe to your updates. When viewers click the badge, they’ll be brought to your Facebook profile where they can click the Subscribe button. Soon you’ll have a growing base of subscribers reading and clicking your public updates.

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