Nominations Now Open for the Inaugural Facebook Studio Awards for Marketing Campaigns

Facebook announced today that it is now accepting nominations for the first Facebook Studio Awards that will honor ad agencies who’ve produced they year’s best marketing campaigns. Th awards will serve to promote Facebook’s stand-alone marketing industry showcase. A panel of judges will look for campaigns that are social, scalable, integrated with other media, and use a wide range of Facebook marketing products. Brands and agencies can submit work to the Facebook Studio gallery here in order to qualify for the awards.

The chance to receive publicity by winning the award should encourage marketing industry players to submit their work. This will in turn fill out the gallery with examples and stories of success that can help others improve their own campaigns and attract more marketers to the Facebook platform. The awards are surely a bit of a PR stunt for Facebook Studio, but they’re still an opportunity for agencies to distinguish themselves.

Facebook has also made a few design improvements to Facebook Studio. New navigation options in the gallery allow visitors to find campaigns by agency, brand category, country, language, Facebook product used, and sort by recency, Likes, or whether the campaign has been spotlighted. The home page has been streamlined, and the Agency Directory is now easier to comb through.

Facebook Studio launched in April to create a dedicated space for the marketing community to browse each other’s work and learn about Facebook marketing products. Roughly 350 agencies and their international offices from 35 countries have submitted past campaigns to Facebook Studio. Facebook tells us 75 percent of pageviews are spent browsing agency-submitted work, indicating that marketers may be more interested in learning from examples than product documentation.

The nomination period for the Facebook Studio Awards runs from now through the end of 2011, and submissions will be judged in January. Winners will be featured on the site and will likely receive a flood of new clients, making the awards lucrative even without much of formal prize.

Marketing and advertising agencies are vying for brand clients that are increasing their spend on integrated marketing campaigns that utilize apps and Pages in addition to pure advertising. By creating an opportunity for top agencies stand out, Facebook may be able to populate the Studio website with more examples that will improve the overall quality of marketing on Facebook. This could help keep the site from being degraded by bland marketing that could push users away.

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