Facebook strengthens U.S. Hispanic marketing capabilities

Facebook has decided to tap into the growing Hispanic market by assisting businesses with new tools to reach this demographic. In the U.S., 23 million Hispanic users are active on Facebook every month, and the company wants brands to have the strength to reach out to these people.

Facebook told Inside Facebook that Alexandre Hohagen, Vice President of Facebook Latin America, has moved to Miami to assume the additional responsibilities for the U.S. Hispanic market. Christian Martinez, previously Vice President of Network and Interactive Sales at Univision, has joined to run ad sales for the U.S. Hispanic market in Miami.

A Facebook spokesperson commented on the news:

Facebook believes that businesses need to constantly think differently on how to connect with all of the people that matter, across all consumer demographics. … As this online market continues to grow, Facebook will help businesses understand how and offer the tools with which to reach this important audience with flexible, creative campaigns to drive meaningful results.

Other details about this growing market include:

  • People in the U.S. Hispanic affinity cluster access Facebook more frequently than the overall U.S. subscriber base.
  • 69 percent of this group were active on Facebook 6 out of that last 7 days (vs. 62 percent of all U.S. users).
  • In the past 30 days, U.S. Hispanic users uploaded 338.4 million photos, made 1.1 billion comments, generated 5.83 billion likes, uploaded 4 million videos, and checked in 7.6 million times.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.