Did Facebook Stop Supporting Lexicon?

Remember the Facebook Lexicon product that was released back in April of 2008? It was a an interesting tool however it appears as though the Lexicon service stopped being supported months ago. A quick look at the Facebook Lexicon tool shows that no data has been updated since early July however nobody really appeared to notice.

While the Facebook Data Team hasn’t stopped pushing out new reports, such as the recently launched memology, however the Lexicon doesn’t appear to be something the team will be supporting anymore. We’ve reached out to Facebook for more information about this and are currently waiting on a response. The product has been down for at least a month though as we have continued to check back.

There have been no changes though. Despite the product being down for months, there has been little to no discussion about it. Apparently people weren’t actually using the product. While it was interesting to look at various trending topics, Facebook Lexicon definitely had some flaws, such as the inability to see the numerical volume of discussion. For example if we knew that 10 percent of Facebook users mentioned Haiti on a specific day, while only 2 percent of users mentioned “earthquake”, that would provide deeper insight.

Facebook previously announced that they would be rolling out a new version of Lexicon which was being tested as late as last September. That means the product hasn’t actually been down since July. Instead, the data somehow got corrupted and the product stopped working. We’ll be sure to update this post if we here back from Facebook. Did you ever use the Facebook Lexicon product? Do you care that it has stopped working?