Facebook Stops Allowing HTML In App Info Tabs

In a small change, Facebook has stopped allowing application developers to include HTML within the info tab of their applications. While some developers have already adjusted to the new settings not even Zynga has taken notice as FarmVille, the largest application on Facebook, still has some HTML buried in their Page. Granted, this isn’t exactly a mission critical change, but if you are looking to provide custom information, Facebook is suggesting all developers create a custom tab.

If you are the developer of an application, I highly suggest making the change. Additionally, Facebook application pages can provide you with an interesting way to engage new visitors to your application. In other words you should be able to create a pre-installation tab which is used to convince users to install your application. So far I’ve seen no application developers use this strategy at all, however there’s a good chance that a large percentage of visitors to an application’s page fail to make it to the next step of the installation process.
So developers: go create more effective landing tabs for your applications an increase new install conversions! In the meantime, remove HTML from the HTML tab of your application.